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ad lib·i·tum

/ˌad ˈlibədəm/

adverb & adjective

“improvise, impromptu, play it by ear, wing it.”

Our Story

Welcome to AD LIB, a chef-driven restaurant located in Coral Gables rooted in authenticity and home of the pleasantly unexpected. AD LIB fosters a humble and understated elegance discovered best by those with a refi ned attention to detail and curiosity for all things culinary. This neighborhood place of gathering is not just the place to host out of town guest, business acquaintances, close friends or special celebrations but the perfect place for any type of moment that brings people together. Ad libitum — impromptu “at will”  in Latin.

Our Artwork

The restaurant will feature original art pieces by Betsy Eby and Los Angeles artist Tony Larson. In her paintings, Betsy Eby fuses the line between musical and visual composition. The layers and gestures of her paintings evoke musical spaces and rhythms while drawing on patterns found in nature. Tony Larson, is an interdisciplinary artist who works and lives in Los Angeles and San Diego. His work is about exploring a dialogue between the ever-burgeoning digital feed and traditional representations of communication, symbology and identity. Their pieces will be prominently displayed throughout the restaurant

Our Design

AD LIB’s interiors were imagined with a coastal feel of soft white and blues, with textured walls and lighting accents that remind us of the 1960s. Woven patterns are found throughout the restaurant filled with beautiful brass and gold accents.

Our Cuisine

Our menu is created with the philosophy of sustainable, wild caught fi sh and seafood, responsibly sourced meats and local produce from different farms throughout the seasons. Sophisticated but playful, elevated but welcoming, our ambition is to be approachable, comforting and refined, yet still pay homage to the then and now. It’s these details that transform our restaurant into a space that feels energetic, artistic, and thoughtfully genuine yet impromptu.